Friday, July 11, 2014

Fall Out of the Bee Sting

RIP kamikaze bee 7/10/14

Thanks you little suicidal rat bastard bee who thought my beach towel was a flower. I had a nice day after you stung me yesterday morning.

me: all those little bothersome breathing issues from a constricted chest and throat...gone. Ha!

me: finished the last 4 episodes of cult classic Freaks and Geeks on Netflix. In 1999, when it was on the air, I had 3 kids 4 and under. I was busy. It was niche programming before anyone understood that. Too bad.

bee: since it seems I've developed an allergic reaction to bee venom when I was last stung on a camping trip when I was 10, I have to see my doc and be allergy tested. Could end up having to haul around a bee kit for the rest of my life. I hate hauling stuff around. But I think I'd hate death by honeybee more. Sigh.

me: sting site? What sting site? I can barely find it. Ha!

me: totally amused my husband last night without trying because I'm such a wimp. Plus he took me out for an ice cream cone.

TALLY: me...4 bee...1

Making lemonade out of lemons.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When It's Been A Good Ride

Every once in awhile you just need to spend the afternoon in bed watching Sex In The City reruns on E! and ponder your next Big Move.

Today I hung up my homeschooling mom's hat. My baby has completed 8th grade and is headed off to our local high school next year. He's definitely not a baby by any standards, so I never even think of him that way. And most certainly wouldn't say it aloud. He is, however, our only home grown kid who has never attended a typical public school. So there's that. I think he'll be just fine though and make his own way.

No, I'm not sad, it's been a good 11 years...interesting, challenging, fun, hard, easy, boring and exciting...but I am wondering what I'll do next. The Man is hoping it won't be another Big Project, at least not until football season is over next December, because these last six months of doing both has been no cake walk. Things are in disarray, vaguely chaotic and rushed. Two weeks ago I accidentally triple booked myself. As fabulous and amazing as I am, I can still only be in one place at a time. It's time to breathe and make a new routine.

So for now, I'm looking forward to being home. Putting things back in order. Stoking the home fires and bossing my family around.

I imagine they'll be over that by summer's end.




Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Can You Feel It?

I woke up with this particular bit of wisdom front and center, demanding attention this morning.

Grateful today for Maya Angelou's legacy.